My wife surprised me with a custom USMC BUMDRUM for my birthday - I told her it was the best present I have ever gotten second only to my sons. Like my hat with my number, too. Friends and family have sat and stood around the BUMDRUM ablaze, wished the Marine Corps a Happy Birthday (OOH RAH!), wished each other a happy birthday, or just toasted marshmallows at our annual Festival of Meat to make S'Mores. It truly is one of the best presents I've ever received. Thanks for a great job, guys - looking forward to getting some custom plates in the future–Tim Connors - Serial# 00630

There's a first time for everything.... The first time I heard about the bumdrum I was hooked! I knew I had to have one! We have had ours for years. We use it ALL the time! It is definitely not a seasonal thing. We burn wood for warmth in the winter, sticks from the yard in the spring, clippings in the summer and while barbecuing on it in the fall. It's now time for a new drum. The old one served us so well. The only question is...... Do we keep the plates on the new one or hang them in our basement and design new plates. You decide! That's part of the fun!–Amy Zander - Serial# 00018

I liked the BUMDRUM idea so much, I bought a truckload of drums.
–NHL Hall of Famer, Bill Guerin - Serial# 00355